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Hi, my name is Rod Clay.  I am 63 years young, born in Toronto, Ontario. In 1985 I moved to the USA while Ronald Reagan was president, and stayed there for about 21 years before moving back to Canada.

I have seen the world change, the USA change, Canada change, and all the changes I have seen are not exactly good. Since the US voted in Barrack Obama the world has taken a giant leap backward. In my view things are returning to pre WWII thinking. ISIS in the Middle East can be likened to the Nazi control of Germany in the early years, and the same goes for the USA.

In those days the Nazi,s owned the media, or they eliminated anyone who did not toe the line. Today in the USA and Canada the media is generally untrustworthy. Many news items are simply ignored, held from, or lied about. I have spent countless hours listening to, or watching many of the news outlets, CNN, CBC, Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, and more. I have found them all to be taken with a grain of salt, and need to check their info. Many times I have found missing information, or blatant lies.

What I want to do with this site is provide a source for multiple information sources, not just the main stream.

You can then check this out on your  own, and I encourage that, don,t just take one side of an argument or debate. Look at both sides, or all sides.

Today I learned they are aware of “side deals” between Obama, the UN, and Iran, that John Kerry does not even know about. If you search those terms a few articles show up concerning this issue. How in the world do you pass a bill through Congress if you don,t have all the details? This is what I meant when I said I do not trust Obama, never have. The Iraq war, good or bad, was basically won in 2012. Obama pulled out All the troops. Then these criminals simply walked in. The whole explosion in the Middle East started when Obama took his world tour way back in 2008, remember. We do not and may never know exactly what he did or said in those countries, but we do know what happened after he left. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and more are ALL in controversy. There is a state of war almost everywhere you look over there, and it is NOT getting better. Now this Iran deal is going to make things better? I absolutely do not believe it. I think we are on the verge of WWIII, and like the beginnings of WWII, many are simply ignoring, closing their eyes and ears, or supporting the move toward this.

It scares me not for myself, but for my children and grandchildren. I want them to have the same freedom and good life I had, and feel I have to do something to wake people up to the danger we are facing in the world. They are concentrating on Global Climate Change, as if that is the only danger out there. It is far from it. Stay tuned. If I am wrong, so be it, but if I am right, we need to prepare, or at least delay the outcome.


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