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CNN Edited Footage Of The Inauguration Crowd!

BREAKING: CNN Edited Footage Of The Inauguration Crowd! See How Huuuge It Really Was!

Article from USA Politics Today web site. This is how it is done folks, and Trump is absolutely right to fight back against these criminals. Yes criminals. Anyone that deceives the public like CNN does is criminal. RSC
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flikr

Leave it to CNN to try something that you would only think possible in the Soviet Union, but that is the level of propaganda that they have stooped to at this point.

They are beyond desperate to save themselves and are now going to radically left that they are about to fall off the edge.

A Reddit user picked up on them splicing in footage of the crowd before it had filled up into the “live” broadcast, making it look like the crowd was much smaller than it really was.

Here are some examples of CNN trying to paint the picture that Trump didn’t have a packed house!

Leave it to the crooked mainstream media to try and spoil this glorious day!

Here is another example of them splicing in footage from before the event!

Too bad there are real photos of the event to prove CNN wrong and that they tried to misrepresent the event!


Here is a photo of the actual crowd and as you can tell it is packed allthe way back to the Washington Monument! They couldn’t fit anybody else in there!

Photo from VFisEPIC via Reddit

This just goes to show how crooked CNN is and Donald Trump is right to call them fake news! Real news organizations don’t doctor footage to make it look how they want!

Don’t let their lies take away from this glorious day! Today our 45th President was sworn in. Today we received a leader that listens to the people and acts on their behalf. Today we received a patriot for a President and one that will not only better this country but also Make It Great Again!

Today marks the beginning of our country moving forward after 8 years of walking backwards and we are all ready to step forward and leave critics like CNN behind!

Share this everywhere to expose CNN for the liars they are!

CNN Reporter Admits Obama PAID THEM To Lie

CNN Reporter Admits Obama PAID THEM To Lie


If you happen to watch CNN, you’ll know that the network has become a front for the Clinton Campaign and a bastion for spreading liberal nonsense. Now, a report by one of its own journalists has found that CNN has also taken bribes from foreign countries.

The CNN reporter who blew the lid on this issue was none other than Amber Lyon, formerly employed by CNN and an “award winning reporter.” Yesterday, Lyon “blew the cover” on the network’s suspicious business practices.

Lyon claims that CNN “is paid by the U.S. government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others.” Lyon also told us that the network is a tool for the Obama Administration to manipulate the information the American Public gets to see.

Lyon claims that Obama has been controlling what we know through CNN, her former employer.

Lyon’s findings suggesting that the network acted as an information filter for the Obama Whitehouse has confirmed the suspicions of many that government corruption reaches far into supposedly non government sectors of America.

A few years ago, Lyon was interviewed by Joe Rogan, and revealed some very shocking testimony concerning her reporting of the 2011 Arab Spring Protests in Bahrain.

Lyons being interviewed by Joe Rogan about her experience reporting the 2011 Arab Spring in Bahrain

During Lyon’s interview with Joe Rogan, she explained that she and another female colleague were part of a 4 person team sent by CNN to Bahrain in 2011. Arriving in Bahrain, Lyon noticed something very odd- the United States government had been supplying over $1 billion worth in weaponry- including tear gas- to the oppressive Bahraini regime looking to suppress popular protests in the country.

Lyon was threatened by United States government personnel while staying on a U.S. Navy base in Bahrain. She was told not to report the incident, or face grave consequences.

Instead, CNN told her to be quiet and not report the Bahraini government’s suppression of peaceful protests, but was forced to report complete lies.

Bahraini police forces violently suppress protestors in 2011

The Guardian confirms much of Lyon’s testimony, and tells us that the CNN journalists themselves were victims of oppression from the Bahraini authorities:

“The CNN crew itself was violently detained by regime agents . As they described it after returning to the US, “20 heavily-armed men”, whose faces were “covered with black ski masks”, “jumped from military vehicles”, and then “pointed machine guns at” the journalists, forcing them to the ground. The regime’s security forces seized their cameras and deleted their photos and video footage, and then detained and interrogated them for the next six hours.”

Right now, Amber Lyon is trying to get the word out that the Obama Administration and CNN have worked together to support a brutal, repressive regime and silence journalists who are only doing their jobs to report the truth.

Please share this article so that we can raise awareness for the injustices suffered by Amber Lyon, and for the outright corruption in the mainstream media.

CNN uses map that replaces “Israel”

CNN uses map that replaces “Israel” with “Palestina”

From United with Israel web site

Even if you do not like Israel, this illustrates how they influence events subtly. No one would really notice this, other then possibly subconsciously. RSC

CNN map

CNN has added another anti-Israel bias incident to a constantly growing list of such debacles by prominent media outlets.

CNN Money published an article on Tuesday focusing on “Beyond ISIS: 2016’s scariest geopolitical hot spots.”

When displaying a map of the Middle East, CNN used a map in which Israel was replaced with “Palestina,” a Spanish or Portuguese translation of Palestine, a non-existing state. The image was taken from Getty Images’ iStock and is not a creation of CNN’s graphics team.

“Clearly, however, somebody at CNN selected this image out of all the potential images that could have been chosen to illustrate the Middle East,” Honest Reporting, a media watchdog which publicized the offensive error, stated on Wednesday.

“Whether it was an oversight or something more sinister, CNN’s illustration of the Middle East without Israel is completely unacceptable,” Honest Reporting Managing Editor Simon Plosker added. “At a time when the state’s very legitimacy is being called into question by vicious anti-Israel extremists, any message that Israel does not belong in the Middle East plays into this false narrative and feeds those like the Iranian ayatollahs who wish to see Israel erased from the map.”

“How many times can CNN keep making these shoddy errors before the network takes remedial action to address its Israel problem?” Plosker asked. “We fully expect CNN to replace this inaccurate map as quickly as possible.”

Following action taken by Honest Reporting and complaints to CNN by many of their subscribers, CNN removed the map in question and replaced it with an image of the aftermath of a Syrian airstrike in Aleppo.

“While we question how the error occurred at all, nonetheless we commend CNN for taking prompt action,” Honest Reporting said after the erroneous image was replaced.

Israel has been “wiped of the map on several occasions by various bodies in the past. Swift and strong public responses by pro-Israel organizations have forced them to “correct” their “errors.”

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

The truth about viral IDF soldier photo

From Israel Today

The Truth Behind That Viral IDF Soldier Photo

Monday, August 31, 2015 |  Ryan Jones

Over the weekend a photo of an armed IDF soldier holding a young Palestinian boy in a headlock went viral on the Internet and was the lead story on major media websites like CNN.

The problem, as is often the case, is that the likes of CNN left a LOT out of the story, and in so doing used the photo to paint a picture of the situation and of Israeli soldiers in general that bore very little resemblance to reality.

One of the few facts CNN and others go right is that the incident occurred in a place called Nabi Saleh. What you weren’t told is that the residents of Nabi Saleh hold a weekly violent demonstration against the nearby Jewish community of Halamish.

Every week for the past several years at least, IDF soldiers show up to make sure the Nabi Saleh rioters don’t get too close to to Halamish.

That’s right, this has been happening every Friday for years, but you never hear about it, because typically nothing of note happens.

But that doesn’t stop photographers from the international media pitching up week after week in hopes of catching the next juicy shot of perceived Israeli abuses. And the residents of Nabi Saleh are only too happy to do their best in helping achieve that goal.

In fact, some of the residents of Nabi Saleh are already well known, and have adoring fans abroad. They are proper actors on the “Pallywood” stage.

Take for instance Ahed Tamimi, seen in the most recent photos taking a bite out of the IDF soldier in question. Tamimi and her parents, Bassem and Nariman, are habitual rioters.

In 2012, Tamimi gained notoriety when she was filmed trying to provoke a violent response from IDF soldiers. Soon after, she was invited to Istanbul to be given the Handala Award for Courage by Turkish President Erdoğan.

For years, the Tamimi family and their co-rioters were experiencing something of a dry spell. But they struck gold on Friday when an IDF soldier sent to play peacekeeper at the weekly demonstration got separated from his unit.

Immediately, the young boy in the photos began incessantly stoning the soldier, who responded by grabbing him. The Tamimis and others pounced and delivered a severe and humiliating beating to the soldier, all as the media photographers eagerly snapped as many shots as they could.

Another important fact left out of the stories at CNN and elsewhere is that not once during the entire ordeal did the soldier in question threaten to use his weapon against the assailants.

Ironically, it was Arab readers who had seen the article and photos on the website of Al Jazeera that first and most notably picked up on this.

“Note how although he had a weapon, and although he is a soldier of the Zionist entity, he did not shoot him in the head. Imagine the same thing [happening] in Arab countries, how our people would have acted,” wrote a commenter named Osama, as translated into Hebrew by Israeli Facebook user Shay Ket.

Another named Tita pointed out that “if it had happened in Egypt, they would have shot that boy with live ammunition instead of being so considerate.”

In short, these photos that our august media gatekeepers thought so important as to make international headline news were ultimately “much ado about nothing.”