Trump Sends Feds In To Raid NY’s Islamberg

Trump Sends Feds In To Raid NY’s Islamberg After 2 DECADES – Uncover America’s WORST Nightmare

Found this article by Prissy Holly and find it very interesting. While Obama did nothing to prevent these sites, hopefully Trump will clean them up and eliminate them. I don’t think it would be a problem for groups to establish enclaves where they can practice their own religion, own beliefs, etc, but I draw the line when they are being used to train for a battle against the rest of the country. Follow the link below to her web site. RSC
There’s a mysterious hidden Muslim compound called Islamberg that’s nestled deep within the woods of the Catskill mountains in New York. The only way to access the 70-acre compound is through primitive dirt roads, where more than 100 Muslims live in seclusion away from the prying eyes of curious Americans. For over two decades, infidels have been prohibited from entering, as anyone attempting to enter will be “greeted” by armed Muslims patrolling a guard shack at the compound’s entry gate. Without access to the compound, there’s been no way to confirm rumors about the location being used as a training ground for Muslim terrorists. But after an alarming incident involving one of the Islamberg residents, police were finally able to obtain a warrant and raid the place. And what they discovered that these Muslims have been quietly plotting for years is nothing short of chilling.
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